This site is intended primarily for philatelists specializing in British India. The site is designed to be a reference tool, once we all, as users work at building the database. Currently the database is an effort of a single person and it already has a reasonable amount of information available to the User. With a collective effort this site could grow and become an incredible reference tool for all of us.


Currently following is available and planned:


Catalogue: Display each stamp issued giving particulars of the date of issue, type of perforation used, watermarks, quantity printed and image of the stamp. It also lists prices from various catalogues. On screen you can choose four different price catalogues to be displayed at one time. There is also a listing of items sold at various auctions and prices fetched per each issued stamp with images of items, wherever possible.

The Catalogue currently displays only Postal Issues of British India and it is proposed that in phases Feudatory and ConventionStates and also Essays, Proofs, Specimen and Reprints for this period would be added later.


Private Collections: This space is devoted to displaying privately owned Collections. Visitors wanting their collections displayed are welcome to contact us with information of their collections.  If a collector needs to maintain anonymity, we would respect their wishes and their collection would be presented as a Collection of a “Private Collector”.


Rarities: This space is devoted to displaying all known items of exceptionally rare stamps. For instance S3, 18a, 21c, etc., Presently, no items have been listed or displayed here as we need assistance from visitors to build this space.


It is expected that visitors to the site will help to maintain this valuable record by updating and sharing their information and findings on sales, pricing, updating collector’s lists, and including but not restricted to historical data so that all those collectors and philatelists who specialize in the British India period (1852-1947) have a common site to access and share such information.

Published by Deepak Vakharia
  Updated on : 26 Jul, 2018